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   Effective leadership is the difference between an organization that thrives and an organization that falls flat. At E3L, Lynne Labrador, a leadership coach in Cortlandt Manor, NY, is teaching employers and managers how to find true success with high-quality leadership strategies. Lynne focuses on teaching you the necessary skills to create a workforce that is engaged, empowered, and excited to make a difference. In other words, you'll develop the collaboration and culture you need to wow your customers.   

Redefining Leadership

As the world changes around us, so too does the hallmark of a successful leader. What it takes to be an impactful leader today is not the same as 30 years ago. In 2020, the people in charge are expected to connect with their employees and help them grow, as opposed to simply giving orders. Lynne is ready to instill these interpersonal, motivational, and organizational skills in the next generation of leaders.

The Key Principles of Leadership

Lynne teaches that leadership is revealed through two key principles:
1. Authenticity — Leaders must be authentic and true to their real selves.
2. Trust — Leaders must trust themselves and build trust with their team.

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About Lynne

Lynne Labrador—the owner of E3 Leadership Consulting (E3L)—has always been passionate about bringing out the best in others. With more than 15 years of leadership experience, she knows precisely what it takes to gain respect and admiration in a position of leadership. And it all comes down to loving what you do. When you love your work (as Lynne does), you're able to bring your authenticate self to your work, and inspire the people you lead. You create a work environment where everyone—front line employees, management, and managers of managers—all support each other and the mission of the company. Call Lynne today to request her services as a leadership and life coach.

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